Preparing for Medical Appointments

Well on Your Way

Preparing for your medical appointment with your family doctor, nurse practitioner or specialist will help you get the most out of your visit.

What to bring to your appointments

  • Government issued photo identification
  • Alberta Personal Health Card
  • Health insurance information
  • Clinic referrals, medical transfer summaries and/or your health history
  • Tracking tools used to record blood glucose, food intake, seizures, etc.
  • Your list of questions and health concerns
  • Medication list (including vitamins and supplements)
  • Something to record the health information you talk about such as your phone or a notebook and pen

You may find it helpful to bring someone with you to your appointment. You can ask them to make notes so you can focus on talking to your healthcare provider.

What to talk about with your healthcare providers

  • How to manage your health condition
  • How drugs, alcohol or tobacco affect your health condition
  • Issues related to your health condition (called complications) and how to lower your risks of developing them
  • How your condition impacts your daily life such as housework, school, or work
  • How your health condition or disability affects your sexual health and family planning
  • How your health condition and Alberta Driving Regulations impact your ability to get a driver’s license

 What you need to know before you leave the appointment

  • The date and time of your next appointment
  • If you have a referral to another specialist
  • If you need imaging or lab tests
  • If you need a new prescription or refills for your medication(s)
  • The clinic contact information

Make sure the doctor's office has your current contact information.

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Source: National Institute of Health