Keeping Track of Health Information

Well on Your Way

When you transfer to adult care, your health record may not be transferred to your new healthcare provider. Your health record has all of the information about your previous medications, test results, treatments and more. If the doctors you see in adult care don’t receive this background information, they may look to you for it. For this reason it’s important that you keep track of your health information.

Tips to Help you Keep Track of Your Health Information

  • Visit My Health Passport to create a personal, wallet-sized health information card with your medical history
  • Use your phone
  • Use the Alberta Children’s Hospital Health Journal or your own binder
  • Use the Pediatric Transfer Plan to keep track of the pediatric clinics you go to, their plans for transferring your care to an adult clinic and contact information for your new healthcare providers
  • MyHealth Record

Getting a Copy of Your Health Record

Having a copy of your health record can help your new doctors or specialists find out about your past care and the future care you may need. You will have to pay for a copy of your health record. Learn about Information Requests.

To get a copy, call the Health Information Management (HIM) Department at your children’s hospital.

  • Alberta Children’s Hospital 403-955-7395
  • Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital 780-735-7993
  • Stollery Children’s Hospital 780-407-6997

If your parents want to purchase a copy of your health record, it is best to do this before you turn 18.