Talking with Your Healthcare Providers

Well on Your Way

As a child and youth, your parent or caregiver may do most of the talking when you visit a healthcare provider. Learning how to talk to your healthcare team is an important skill you will need as an adult. As you get older, start becoming more involved in talking to your healthcare providers about your health.

Remember, what you tell your healthcare providers is confidential. This means the information you share is private and isn't shared with anyone without your permission. There may be times when your healthcare providers need to share information about you. Ask your healthcare providers about when they would need to do this.

Tips for Talking and Taking Charge

Here are some tips to help you talk with your healthcare providers and be more involved in your medical appointments:

  • Ask questions at your clinic visits
  • Write your questions down ahead of time
  • For tips on asking questions that are more personal or awkward, go to Asking Sensitive Questions
  • As you feel more comfortable, spend some time at each clinic appointment talking to your healthcare providers on your own
  • Tell your parents that you would like to take the lead or be the one who does most of the talking at your clinic appointments
  • Begin attending medical appointments by yourself
  • Talking to your healthcare providers may be hard at first, but with practice it gets easier

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