Indigenous Cancer Health

Supporting Indigenous people with cancer and their families in culturally appropriate ways is important to us. Cancer can create stress and worries about the future. We hope these resources help answer some questions and give you the information you need about other supports and resources that are available. We are here for you.

Books & Videos

Guide to Cancer Care in Alberta for Newly Diagnosed Indigenous People Book


Video Series: Indigenous Cancer Care Experiences

Watch the Video Series


Indigenous Cancer Patient Navigators - Provincial

Alberta Health Services Indigenous Health

Métis Nation of Alberta – Community Wellness (Cancer Resources & Programs)

Coming Full Circle: Planning for Your Care

Indigenous Cancer Sharing Circle – join from anywhere in Alberta

Helpful Tips when Travelling Long Distances to Cancer Care

Finding Helpful Resources when a Community Member has Cancer

Silent Enemy - a comic designed to provide education and awareness to youth about cancer

Our North Star to Action

Read Walking Together to Strengthen Indigenous Cancer Care in Alberta: Our North Star to Action