Healthy food and drink choices can keep participants alert, productive and engaged. It is also an opportunity for AHS to ‘walk the talk’ and be a role model.

Organizers are encouraged to select healthy food and drink choices for AHS funded meetings and working sessions to comply with the AHS travel and working session policy.

What I can do to plan healthy events?

  • Ask: Do we need food? For breaks and meetings under 2 hours, water, coffee or tea may be enough.
  • Offer pitchers of ice water at meetings.
  • Keep energy levels high with colourful vegetables and fruit and whole grain breads and pasta.
  • Ask for foods to be served in smaller portions. People can always go back for more.
  • Offer healthier choices at appreciation, celebration and retirement events (e.g. if cake is served, offer smaller portions and serve a fruit platter on the side).
  • For more ideas, see the Eat Smart Meet Smart planning guide.

Resources for meeting organizers

Examples of healthy events

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Healthy Eating at Work