2012 AHS Executive Expense Reports

The new AHS Travel, Hospitality and Hosting Policy took effect October 15, 2012, and it strengthens our already stringent requirements around what is permissible for reimbursement as an expense.

AHS amended the existing travel and expense policy to align it with the new policy recently released by the Alberta Government for travel, meal and hospitality expenses. The new AHS policy adopts the government policy completely, or adapts the AHS policy where necessary, to account for differences in organizational structure or business operations.

The new policy includes the public disclosure of approved expense reports submitted by AHS executive staff members at the Senior Vice President level and above, Zone Medical Directors, Chief Medical Officers, Ethics and Compliance Officer, Chief Audit Executive, and the Chief of Staff, which are available below.

These changes to AHS’s policy support our commitment to accountability, transparency and sound financial stewardship.

Claims received in the current month that were accrued in a previous month are posted under the month in which the expenses were incurred.

Dr. Chris Eagle

President & CEO

Dr. Kathryn Todd

SVP, Research

Chris Mazurkewich


Sue Conroy

SVP, Emergency Medical Services & Health Link Alberta

David O'Brien

SVP, Primary & Community Care

Shelly Pusch

SVP, North Zone

Mike Conroy

SVP, Edmonton Zone

Kerry Bales

SVP, Central Zone

Brenda Huband

SVP, Calgary Zone

Sean Chilton

SVP, South Zone

Dr. Paul Grundy

SVP, Cancer Care/Senior Medical Director Cancer Care

Dr. David Megran

EVP & Chief Medical Officer (Clinical Operations)

Dr. Kevin Worry

ZMD, North Zone

Dr. Tom Noseworthy

ZMD, Edmonton Zone

Dr. Evan Lundall

ZMD, Central Zone

Dr. Francois Belanger

SVP & ZMD, Calgary Zone

Dr. Vanessa MacLean

ZMD, South Zone

Dr. Gerry Predy

Senior Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Richard Lewanczuk

Senior Medical Director Primary and Community Care

Dr. Ian Phelps

Senior Medical Director EMS

Dr. Verna Yiu

EVP & Chief Medical Officer (Quality & Medical Affairs)

Dr. Rollie Nichol

ACMO, Physician Workforce, Compensation & Workspace

Dr. Tyrone Josdal

ACMO, Integrated & Innovation Care, Physician Access & Capacity

Dr. Tom Noseworthy

ACMO, Strategic Clinical Networks & Clinical Care Pathways

Carolyn Hoffman

SVP, Quality and Healthcare Improvement

Dr. Andrew Patullo

Senior Medical Director Informatics

Dr. Tim Graham

Senior Medical Director Informatics

William Trafford

EVP & Chief Development Officer

Michael Long

SVP & Chief Information Officer

Stephen Gould

EVP, People and Partners

Noela Inions

Ethics & Compliance Officer

David Diamond

SVP, Human Resources

Roman Cooney

SVP, Communications

Deb Gordon

SVP, Health Professions Strategy and Practice, Chief Nursing & Health Professions Officer


David Weyant

SVP & General Counsel, Legal & Privacy

Deborah Rhodes

SVP, Finance

Jitendra Prasad

SVP, Contracting, Procurement & Supply Management

Penny Rae

SVP, Capital Management

Ronda White

Chief Audit Executive, Internal Audit & Enterprise Risk Management

Barbara Pitts

SVP, Priorities and Performance

Patti Grier

Chief of Staff and Corporate Secretary