Patient & Family Centred Care

Alberta Children's Hospital

At Alberta Children's Hospital, we believe Together We're Better. We see patients and families as essential members of the healthcare team, and encourage their active participation in all aspects of care - from planning, implementation and evaluation of existing care to development of future resources to improve services.

We believe that when we practice patient and family centred care, it leads to better health outcomes, improved patient and family experiences, better clinician and staff satisfaction, and wiser use of resources.

Examples of Patient & Family Centred Care practices at Alberta Children’s Hospital:

  • Patients and Families Partnering with the Healthcare Team: Patients and families are vital members of the healthcare team. We encourage them to ask questions, share their knowledge or concerns and participate in care and decision-making.   
    Name, Occupation & Duty (NOD): Staff, physicians, and volunteers introduce themselves by their name, occupation (role), and duty (responsibilities).
    Family Presence: Family is important to the patient's healing process. A family member/support person can stay with the patient overnight on most inpatient units. Learn more.
  • Patient & Family Engagement: Patients and families participate in the planning, operation and evaluation of programs, services and facilities at Alberta Children’s Hospital. We have a Family Advisory Council, a Child and Youth Advisory Council, and a network of Patient and Family Advisors who provide the family voice through online feedback, participation on committees and working groups, and sharing their healthcare story. Learn more.
  • Leader Rounding: Hospital leaders visit units on a regular basis to connect with patients and families to better understand their care experience. Patients and their families may be asked to identify what is or has been most important to them, share what is working well during their stay or visit, recognize staff or physicians, or provide ideas on how we can improve the patient experience.