Ordering Mental Health Resources

The Mental Health Promotion & Illness Prevention (MHP & IP) Unit is responsible for the mental health and mental illness resources produced in Alberta Health Services.

These resources are intended for use across the lifespan, often targeting specific age groups. They include information about depression, anxiety, stress, and practical knowledge and skills to promote mental health and help prevent mental illness. The information can also help identify and address factors that could increase the risk for poor mental health or illness or impede recovery from mental illness.

Through our available resources, we aim to:

  • Provide education about mental health and mental illness
  • Increase awareness and understanding to reduce the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and poor mental health
  • Promote mental health, resiliency, and flourishing of individuals and communities
  • Promote early identification and management of symptoms of mental illness
  • Support mental health promotion and mental illness prevention within and outside of AHS

Who can access the resources?

All resources are available free of charge to professionals both within and outside of AHS as well as the general population.

How to order the resources

All resources can be ordered by accessing our online catalogue.

To log into the online ordering sytem use the universal Login ID and Password provided below:

Login ID: mentalhealthresources
Password: mh2016

If you have any questions about our resources, contact