Alcohol & Health Series

Information for Health Professionals

Increased alcohol consumption and heavy drinking in Alberta are significant public health concerns. Alcohol plays many important roles in Alberta, specifically in the areas of our economy and social culture. However if Albertan’s drink above the recommended limits outlined in Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines (LRDG), there is the potential to cause considerable harm to individuals and communities.

Alberta Health Services staff and allied health professionals have an important role in promoting health perceptions, attitudes and behaviour towards alcohol use. The Alcohol and Health Series is a resource that will provide practical information about the LRDG and the relationship between alcohol and range of health topics. These resources will help to:

  • Effectively share information about alcohol and health-related harms with Albertans.
  • Help to promote the LRDG and healthy perceptions, attitudes and behaviours toward alcohol use.
  • Profile and raise awareness of the health, social, and economic costs associated with the harmful use of alcohol.

Series includes the following resources:

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