Alberta Academic Medicine & Health Services Program (AAMHSP)

Transition of support for clinical activities from UofA to AHS

The University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services (AHS) Edmonton Zone are proud partners working together toward a shared vision of healthy Albertans and healthy communities, serving the public good through education, research and delivery of clinical care.

Effective July 1, 2017, Alberta Health formally instituted a new academic medicine framework and a series of arrangements that are now called the Alberta Academic Medicine & Health Services Program (AAMHSP). These arrangements replace the previous Academic Alternative Relationship Plans (AARPs).

One of the major changes was that funding for physician compensation and related program costs was transferred from the UofA and the respective practice plans to AHS. Therefore, under the AMHSP, our goal is to realign responsibility of our activities to be consistent with the mission of each organization and build on our respective strengths, each with its unique mandates and accountabilities.

We expect transitioning of certain administrative roles that support clinical activities, currently provided by UofA departments, to the AHS Edmonton Zone. UofA will retain responsibility for academic and research activities. Both clinical and academic support will remain key components of the AMHSP.

Representatives of the UofA, Faulty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) and AHS Edmonton Zone are working together to coordinate this transition. All groups are committed to minimizing the impact to individuals, while maintaining these important services for physicians and patients. Transition committees, with membership representing these groups, have been established to develop, outline, implement and evaluate the required changes.

We are expecting a phased transition. AHS and UofA will be engaging physicians, staff, and administrative leadership throughout this process and as the operational plan is developed and implemented. Staff and physicians will receive updates as more information becomes available.

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