Get to Know a Dietitian

Working with Albertans to support health through nutrition

AHS dietitians support Albertans of all ages and stages of health and illness. Dietitians help restore individuals to health and manage their chronic conditions by translating the science of nutrition into information and actions that support patients’ needs.

Dietitians working in food service help make Meals Matter. They do this by offering choice, quality and customer service to improve the patient meal experience in AHS. They use their expertise in food and nutrition to manage food service operations to deliver satisfying, safe, nutritious and cost-effective meals and snacks to patients, staff and visitors.

Dietitians also work with communities to help keep people healthy by influencing their eating environments and promoting healthy diets.

In whichever role dietitians work, with patients, clients or community, they recognize the important role food and nutrition plays in our lives and in our health.

To hear more about what AHS dietitians do, see the AHS Dietitians Day videos.