Advancing Innovation at AHS

Research & Innovation

We live in an age of rapid and constant change. Every day, we see and experience new knowledge, products and ways of doing things. Understanding and adopting them often come with challenges.

Those challenges are even bigger in healthcare, where innovation is often faster paced and costlier. Making sure Albertans have the best possible healthcare makes the stakes that much higher.

Innovating to achieve service excellence is a priority in the AHS Strategy for Clinical Health Research, Innovation, and Analytics. There are many groups involved in innovation at AHS, including the Innovation & Business Intelligence Team, the Strategic Care Networks, Contracting, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, the Design Lab and individual program areas for example.

At AHS, health innovation is understood as a new and impactful way to:

  • Enhance quality of care and patient experience,
  • Meet un-met care and service needs,
  • Upgrade outdated and redundant processes and technologies, and;
  • Promote financial sustainability of the health system.

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