Simple Connections, Stronger Families Toolkit

Information for Health Professionals

The Simple Connections, Stronger Families toolkit was developed by the YLL My Home coalition in Lloydminster, in partnership with Alberta Health Services. It is designed to be used by anyone working with families.

We look to our families for love, support and enjoyment and we rely on our families when times are tough. Families shape us as we grow and families shape our society.

So why not make Albertan families as strong and resilient as possible? Resilient families are better able to cope with life’s challenges and provide the best environment for individuals to flourish.

While all families are unique, face different challenges and rely on different strengths to cope, there are some things all families can work on to become stronger. These protective factors include:

  • Personal wellness
  • Healthy communication
  • A sense of togetherness
  • Positive parenting style
  • Strong partner relationships
  • Connections to extended family
  • Connections to community

As a healthcare provider, you can use the following tools to help build promotive and protective factors, helping to increase resiliency. The materials are designed to be used as conversation tools when interacting with individual families or in small groups of families.

How to Use the Toolkit

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An ideal way to use the tools is to package those of your choosing into a toolkit that you will provide to family-serving agencies, so that they may use the tools in their work with families.

If you are considering using these materials for a large public event, consider focusing on just one or two of the protective factors, in order to avoid overwhelming families with too large an amount of content.

For more information on the toolkit, contact the Addiction Prevention Unit