Psychological First Aid Tips for Supporting Children, Youth, and Families Refresher

Information for Health Professionals

This mini module is a refresher session for those who have taken the virtual 2-hour Psychological First Aid (PFA) for a Pandemic – Child, Youth & Family webinar. It focuses on tips for supporting children, youth, and families during and after a disaster or emergency. This program is not intended to replace PFA training, but is to be used as a pre-deployment refresher of the skills you learned during your original training.

For your best learning experience, please use a computer with Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

After completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify common stress reactions experienced by children and youth;
  • Identify strategies to help stabilize intense emotions and stress reactions for children of all age groups;
  • Provide practical tips and strategies for families, including self-care;
  • Support families by sharing information on available resources and services.

Time required to complete course: 15 minutes

Pass Criteria: View all slides

Target Audience: Refresher course for those who are supporting children, youth, families and have taken PFA

Course Prerequisites: PFA is a recommended prerequisite

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