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The Alberta Newborn Screening Program (ANSP), formerly known as Newborn Metabolic Screening (NMS) Program, collection resources support blood spot collection staff (such as public health nursing services, postpartum, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), FN communities, midwives and Alberta Precision Laboratories [APL]) across Alberta to provide quality service delivery along the newborn blood spot screening pathway.

Together the ANSP clinical policy suite, staff education, and tools and forms help collectors to learn about and provide blood spot screening to infants. These resources cover talking with parents, collecting blood spots, filling out blood spot cards, transporting blood spot cards, following up on infants, NICU specific information and special situations (such as parent refusal, finding the family, resolving alerts and using physician codes and collection location codes). This content can be accessed as PDFs below and staff education is also available as interactive web sessions through MyLearningLink (search for ANSP).

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Clinical Policy

Staff Education

  1. Overview of ANSP
  2. Talking with Parents
  3. Collecting
  4. Following Up

Tools & Forms




Order Resources
Login to the ANSP resource page using this user ID, newbornpublic and this password NMS2013. Healthcare providers can order the following ANSP resources online. View detailed instructions on how to order ANSP resources.

  • Blood Spot Card
  • Blood Spot Card Transportation Envelopes
  • Parent Information Sheets:
    • Why Does my Baby Need to be Screened?
    • Additional Information for Parents