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About the Guidelines

Clinical practice guidelines are systematic statements about specific health problems intended to assist in decision making. Guidelines provide health care practitioners with evidence-informed recommendations that reflect best practices. The Guideline Resource Unit (GURU) coordinates the development of guidelines for cancer treatment and follow-up care in collaboration with the thirteen Provincial Tumour Teams (PTT) in Alberta. The recommendations contained in these guidelines are a consensus of the relevant Provincial Tumour Team synthesis of currently accepted approaches to treatment, supportive care and follow up, which have been derived from a review of relevant scientific literature. All cancer drugs described in the guidelines are funded in accordance with the Outpatient Cancer Drug Benefit Program, at no charge, to eligible residents of Alberta, unless otherwise explicitly stated. For a complete list of funded drugs, specific indications, and approved prescribers, please refer to the Outpatient Cancer Drug Benefit Program Master List. For information on our processes please refer to the GURU Guideline Development Handbook.

Provincial Tumour Teams

There are thirteen Provincial Tumour Teams (PTT) in Alberta. These teams are organized by disease site and are comprised of clinicians, nurses, pharmacists, and researchers from across the province. PTTs are responsible for developing and implementing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for use by cancer specialists and family physicians throughout Alberta.

Contact the Guideline Resource Unit

The role of the Guideline Resource Unit (GURU) is to support the PTTs in activities related to clinical practice guideline development and implementation. Through review, selection, synthesis, evaluation, interpretation, and reporting of evidence, GURU facilitates communication and collaboration among PTT members. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please

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