Medical Staff

Bylaws & Rules

The Medical Staff Bylaws define the relationship between Alberta Health Services (AHS) and AHS Practitioners (those physicians, dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons and podiatrists with an AHS appointment).

The Bylaws outline in detail the terms and conditions on which AHS may grant Practitioners Clinical Privileges; the responsibility of the Medical Staff to AHS for the quality and safety of all professional services provided by Practitioners to patients and to AHS; the responsibilities of the Medical Staff and AHS to each other for the organization and conduct of the Medical Staff, and in particular, the processes relating to Medical Staff Appointments and delineation of Clinical Privileges; and the administrative structures for the governance of Practitioners working in AHS facilities or other AHS Sites of Clinical Activity.

Zone Medical Staff Rules

Each Zone also has its own Zone Medical Staff Rules. These documents provide local detail for existing AHS Medical Staff Rules as well as additional rules specific to the Zone. Although similar in structure, the content of each Zone document will vary.

Bylaw User Guides

In order to make the Bylaws more accessible, AHS has created six Bylaw User Guides to assist in providing clarity on some of the more prominent Bylaw sections and processes.

These User Guides are not a substitute for the Bylaws themselves. Updates to these documents may occur on a regular basis.

Bylaw Forms

Clinical Privileging and Appointments

AHS has created the Guide to Credentialing, Clinical Privileging and Appointments to expand on the foundation established by the AHS Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules. The Guide outlines the purpose and importance of credentialing, privileging, and appointments and their role in ensuring that Albertans receive the highest level of care from AHS Medical Staff.

This Guide will be reviewed every three years.

Department Clinical Privileges Lists

All Clinical Departments will be developing provincial clinical privilege lists and all physicians will be asked to review, confirm and/or correct where required their own list of clinical privileges. New Clinical Department Privilege Lists will be added to this webpage as they become available.