Manuals & Toolkits

Healthy Eating Resources

Manuals and toolkits for teaching children and youth about healthy eating or for creating a Healthy Environment.

Reverse Lunch Toolkit: Play Before Lunch

This toolkit provides information about the benefits of reverse lunch, ideas for starting a reverse lunch program and sample resources for use at your school.

School Breakfast Program Toolkit

The toolkit is a practical guide to help start or improve a school breakfast program. It can be used by all members of the school community including administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers and parent groups. Includes information on how to identify the need and planning for a program; types of breakfast programs; sources of funding; food safety and food donation considerations; menu planning and healthy eating information.

Sports Nutrition for Youth Tools

These tools provide sports nutrition recommendations and teaching tools for school and community coaches to guide recreational athletes and active youth aged 12 to 18 years. Includes nutrition and hydration advice before, during, and after activity, and information on vegetarian eating, and nutrition supplements. The handbook also outlines ways in which coaches can help athletes create healthier eating environments at home, at school, while traveling and in recreation centres.

Infographic Posters - Fueling for Sports Nutrition

Display in gyms, locker rooms or recreation centres as a visual learning tool:

Handouts - Fueling for Sports Nutrition

Learning tools to share with youth and their parents: