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Connect Care will bridge gaps between patients, their health information, healthcare providers, and locations. It will also help to bridge current and future care. Healthcare providers can use the system to identify the decisions and approaches that best improve Albertans’ lives. By sharing knowledge, we can close gaps which ultimately lead to better outcomes and satisfaction for Albertans.

General Information

Delivery of Clinical Documents to Community Practices

Need Support?

Connect Care Provider ID, Submitter ID or Department ID?

Community-based providers and clinics across Alberta need to use Connect Care Identifiers (CCIDs) when ordering laboratory tests, diagnostic imaging, and other interventions. To learn more about Connect Care provider, submitter and department IDs, visit Connect Care Identifiers. We offer the self-serve look-up tool which could also be found on the Delivery of Results to Community-based Providers from Connect Care page. You will need your Prac ID to log-in.

Issues with IDs or Need an ID Built for a New Provider or Clinic?

Contact the Alberta Health Services Solution Centre at 1-877-311-4300.

  • Select Option 1 for Clinical Applications, then Select Option 1 for Connect Care
  • Have your Location, Contact Information & Prac ID Available when you Call

Form for Provider/Prescriber Set-Up

The Request for Provider/Prescriber Set-Up in Health Information Systems Form is used by community providers/prescribers to advise AHS of changes to:

  • Provider/Prescriber Name; Professional & Connect Care Identifiers; Practice Location(s); Locum Status
  • Clinic/Location/Client/Office Name, Demographics (address, contact information), etc.
  • Preferred Method for Receiving Results & Other Information from AHS & Affiliated Organizations

More Information

Previous Launch Documents

For more information contact

AHS Solutions Centre

Contact the Solution Centre for any Connect Care ID issues or if you have been incorrectly identified as the patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP).


  • Select option 1 for clinical applications, then select option 1 for Connect Care
  • Have your location, contact information & Prac ID available when you call

Community Providers with AHS Privileges (Mixed Context Providers) Resources