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Newborn Metabolic Screening Program

The NMS Program’s resources support staff across Alberta to provide quality service delivery along the newborn blood spot screening pathway.

Resources are flexible and accessible to promote standardization with local variation in order to meet NMS Program performance expectations and the needs of the service delivery area.

For permission to use the resources developed by Alberta's NMS Program outside of Alberta, call 403-355-3223.

Clinical Policy Suite

The NMS Program clinical policy suite is a collection of five governance documents that set out the responsibilities and expectations for the delivery of an integrated and coordinated NMS Program offered to all infants born in Alberta. To learn more, see:

Clinical Policy Documents Currently in Use:




Staff Education

NMS Program staff education is a collection of high-quality educational resources targeted at staff involved in the newborn blood spot screening pathway. Staff education is broken down into four main categories and can be accessed as interactive web sessions or by PDFs. To learn more see:

Overview of Alberta's NMS Program

Talking with Parents


Following Up

Parental Info

NMS Program parent information is a collection of useful resources to use with parents and guardians about newborn blood spot screening. To learn more, see:

Special Situations

Newborn blood spot screening circumstances can be very complex. For forms and information to handle some special situations, see:

Return of the blood spot card

Blood spot cards can be returned to parents and guardians after all testing the infant needs is completed and the newborn blood spot screen results are reported. Physicians and midwives can make this request on behalf of the parent by calling NMS Lab at 780-407-1698.

Removal of personal information from the NMS Application

Removing information that identifies a parent or guardian and their infant from the NMS Application is possible after all testing the infant needs is completed and the newborn blood spot screen results are reported. Please have the parents fill out the Removal of Personal Information from the Newborn Metabolic Screening Application form.

Refusal of a newborn blood spot screen

Some parents and guardians may have concerns about newborn blood spot screening. However, if an infant is not screened and has one of the treatable conditions, the condition may not be found early when treatment can help the infant the most. For more information about refusals and the Refusal for Newborn Blood Spot Screen form see the staff education essentials, Parent Refusal.

Finding the family for a newborn blood spot screen

If you can’t get in touch with the family send the parent or guardian a letter similar to the NMS Program Sample Letter for Contacting Parents/Guardians. For more information see the staff education essentials, Finding the Family.

Provider Info

Provider information describes the treatable conditions screened for by the NMS Program. They provide insight into next steps in the newborn blood spot screening pathway after an infant has an abnormal screen result. To learn more, see:

Metabolic Conditions

Endocrine Conditions

Cystic Fibrosis

Sickle Cell Disease

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

More Info

Additional Resources

About the NMS Program

About AHS clinical policy

Ordering Resources

Health care providers can order the following NMS Program resources online. Login to the NMS Program’s resource order page using this user id, newbornpublic and this password NMS2013.

  • Blood spot cards
  • Blood spot card transportation envelopes
  • Parent information sheets:
    • Why does my baby need to be screened?
    • Additional Information for Parents
    • Why does my baby need to be screened again?
    • Making Sense of Abnormal Results