Stroke Competency Framework for Health Care Providers

This inter-professional tool outlines the knowledge and skills you need to provide effective care for stroke patients and their families. It also provides orientation guides for educators in three areas of service.


Healthcare Providers: Click on the stroke competency checklist specific to your discipline and practice setting and save the document. Each checklist outlines competencies for orientation and ongoing professional development. It also provides links or references to a selection of learning resources which may assist you to achieve the competencies. Not all resources need to be completed and alternate resources may be helpful.

Checklists may be helpful in performance appraisals and in supporting continuing competency requirements. A brief evaluation is included. Please complete for each competency checklist you have accessed. Your feedback is important.

Educators: Select Orientation Guide for area of service: ER, Inpatient or Rehabilitation/ SESD

Managers: Competencies checklists may be helpful during Performance Appraisals

Stroke Competency Checklists:

Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses

Nursing Assistants

Occupational Therapists


Speech Language Pathologists

Therapy Assistant

Stroke/TIA Orientation Guides for Educators:

Evaluation and Progress Review: