Transition 101

Well on Your Way

Parents or caregivers often do most of the work of managing the health of their children. This means they’ve arranged medical appointments, kept track of health information, managed medicines or treatment plans, and talked to their child’s healthcare team. When youth move to adult care near the age of 18, these roles change.

Youth will be expected to manage their own health which means they will need to learn new skills. This can take time so it’s best to start preparing early.

The goal of this website is to give youth and their families’ information, skills and resources to help them get ready for the transition to adult care.

Youth to Adult Transition Stories Video Series

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Getting Started

Step 1

See these Transition Guidelines to help you plan ahead:

Step 2

Use these Parent and Youth Transition Readiness Checklists to see what you're already able to do, and what you may need to work on:

Step 3

Use My Plan to set goals and keep track of your progress: