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Supporting the Dementia Journey

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Healthy Ageing: Social and Health Supports

Workshop – June 2019

The Healthy Ageing: Social and Health Supports workshop focused on how communities can work together to support healthy ageing and reduce social isolation for people living with cognitive changes and carers.


Living with Dementia in Community: What Mattered Most

Mark Johnson

Hear how Mark connected to his community to find meaningful support for himself and his wife, and how these connections brought joy and adventure into their lives.

Contexts of Healthy Ageing: What Matters Most?

Dr. Norah Keating

Explore the impact of social, physical and policy contexts on individuals, communities, and social connections, and outlines what people living with dementia and their family carers can do to achieve what matters most to them.

Seniors Community HUB

Dr. Marjan Abbasi, Dr. Sheny Khera

Learn how through health, social and community sectors partnerships, this innovative screening and intervention process at the Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network – the Seniors Community Hub – is advancing the health of older adults through the identification, assessment and management of frailty.

Hear today - Gone tomorrow:  The influence of hearing ability and behaviour on thinking and remembering

Dr. Penny Gosselin

Understand the role of hearing loss in cognitive decline, and the relationship between hearing, and thinking and remembering.  Be introduced to tools which can assist in the assessment of hearing loss.

Social Isolation and Connecting People with Health and Social Systems (Ecosystems)

Dr. Richard Lewanczuk

Understand the impact of loneliness and social isolation on a person’s health status, and how shifting focus to social determinants of health and community can support improving health.

The Health Ecosystem:  What Matters Most

Meghan Belland

Be challenged to think outside of the health care system to find what matters most for our health. An overview of the components of Asset Based Community Development leads into an activity to explore the health ecosystems of each community.

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Supported Well, Living Well with Dementia

Workshop – June 2017

The Supported Well, Living Well with Dementia workshop focused on recognition and pro-active post diagnostic care & support for people living in the community with mild-cognitive impairment or diagnosis of dementia.


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Managing in More Difficult Times

Workshop – December 2017

Managing in More Difficult Times Workshop introduced the Geriatric 5Ms© approach (Mind, Mobility, Medications, Multi-Complexity and Matters Most) as a framework to assist planning care and support for those living in the community with dementia.

Used with permission from © Dr. Frank Molnar


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Matters Most
Each individual’s own meaningful outcomes, goals and care preferences

Mind Capacity
Cognition, Assessment and Screening

Fall and injury prevention; balance and gait assessment; driving and transportation

  • Falls Prevention
    • Finding Balance - Injury Prevention Centre, University of Alberta
      Latest information and resources to help seniors live an active and independent life
    • Take Action - Alberta Health Services
      Handbook on falls prevention
    • Falls Prevention Guidelines - American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons



Complex bio/psycho/social situations; co-morbidities and frailty

Late Life Dementia

Workshop – May 2018

The Late Life Dementia workshop focused on Personalized, Proactive and Palliative Approaches to Care


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A Palliative Approach to Late Life Dementia Care
This presentation addresses a palliative approach to care in late life dementia that is holistic, person-centred, and proactive, including an overview of common symptoms and dignity conserving care.

Communicating with Families in Late Life Dementia Care
Ideas on communicating with persons with late life dementia and their families, including the initiation of a palliative approach, discussing feeding concerns, and what to expect in final days of life.

Communication Through the Creative Arts
The opportunity to express thoughts, feelings and individuality through creative arts-based interactions such as "Opening Minds Through Art" and "Alive Inside" has been shown to enhance both communication and quality of life for many persons living with dementia.

It Takes a Village
“Learn some basic symptom management principles and about the local resources that can help you help your patients and families.”

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
Current as of June 13, 2018, this presentation reviews the current status of Medical Assistance in Dying in Alberta and addresses issues related to individuals with cognitive impairment presented by Dr. James Silvius.

Understanding Pain in Older Adults: Assessment and Management of Pain in Geriatrics
An overview of the importance (prevalence, relevance) of pain in patients with late-stage dementia. Identifying pain assessment methods and strategies in dementia, limitations of pain assessment (tools) and strategies for pain treatment/management for dementia.


A Palliative Approach to Late Life Dementia Care

  • Dr. Kim Adzich

Communicating with Families in Late Life Dementia Care

  • Dr. Kim Adzich

It Takes a Village

  • Pam Cummer & Pansy Angevine

Understanding Pain in Older Adults: assessment and management of pain in geriatrics

  • Dr. Tolulola Taiwo

Communication Through the Creative Arts

  • Karen Horsley

Printable and Other Resources

Advance Care Planning - Alberta Health Services

Palliative and End-of-life care - Alberta Health Services

Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes - Alzheimer Association
Phase 3 End-of-Life Care, brochure

Support for carers, family and close friends at end of life - Alzheimer Society of England
Information for caregivers to support the person, themselves and other close family or friends, and some of the issues they need to consider at end-of-life care:

Advancing Dementia Diagnosis & Management in Alberta

Workshop – February 2016

The ADDMA Public Forum & Collaborative Workshop explored primary healthcare models of geriatric care that currently exist in communities throughout Alberta.


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Alberta Medical Association Survey

Team Storyboards / Posters

Workshop Survey Results

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