Vascular Risk Reduction Resources

Cardiovascular Health & Stroke Strategic Clinical NetworkTM

Vascular Diseases are the major cause of death and disability in Alberta and in Canada, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney and peripheral vascular disease. In addition, some components of dementia share common causal links with vascular diseases. Over 90% of Canadians have one or more common vascular risk factors. Most vascular risk factors are preventable or controllable and, despite the availability of proven treatments, control rates of vascular risk factors are unacceptably low. Those at risk of vascular disease and dementia are often unaware, untreated, or not treated optimally.

The Alberta Coalition for PrevenTION and Control of vascular disease (ACTION) Network has developed the following provider and patient resource toolkit to assist in the identification and management of those with increased vascular risk.

Did You Know...?

Like all family doctors, Anthony Train of Life Medical Clinic in Whitecourt was concerned about his patients’ cardiovascular health. He wanted to be more proactive in screening for and addressing risk. Watch the video for more information.

Other Resources

Advocacy for Policy
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

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Healthy Eating

Provider Resources

A Call to Action to Advocate for Healthy Public Policies: Healthy Eating, Regular Physical Activity and Tobacco Free Futures

Support Resources:

Eat More Vegetables and Fruits

Support Resources:

Healthy Eating Environment: A Call to Action

Support Resources:

Patient Resources

Alberta Health Services

Government of Alberta

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

Physical Activity


Statin Therapy


Tobacco Cessation


Overview, Slides

Presentation slide sets:

  • Vascular Risk Reduction – General Information (PDF | Powerpoint)
  • Vascular Risk Reduction – Identifying Vascular Risk (PDF | Powerpoint)
  • Addressing Vascular Risk – Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours (PDF | Powerpoint)
  • Addressing Vascular Risk – Manageable Risk Factors (PDF | Powerpoint)