EMS Patient Experience Survey

Emergency Medical Services

Alberta Health Services (AHS) commitment to patient-focused care is reflected in the latest biannual survey of patients who received care from Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The 2021/22 1st & 2nd quarter survey of 1,693 patients found:

  • 97% of patients expressed an overall satisfaction in EMS
  • 96% had confidence in the medics
  • 94% agreed that the ambulance arrived in a reasonable amount of time
  • 98% agreed the medics were courteous
  • 97% agreed that they felt as safe as possible in the care of medics

Patients also answered questions regarding their experience after dialing 911

  • 99% agreed that the call to dispatch was answered promptly
  • 99% agreed the call taker was courteous
  • 99% agreed the dispatch instructions were easy to understand

The survey results are a direct product of the outstanding work of the men and women on the front line providing emergency medical services to Albertans.

Patient Experience Surveys