Quality & Safety Summit 2017

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October 30, 2017

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Health Home to Integration (Jenney Samuelson)
  • What’s your Problem (David Dunne & Paolo Korre)
  • Bringing Data to Life (Kimberly McKinley)
  • Patient and Public Engagement in Healthcare – How do we Make it Truly Meaningful?

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

October 31, 2017

The presentations below are organized by track.

Conference Opening

  • Designing our Healthcare Organizations for the Future! (Keynote) – Dave Moen

Primary Health – Care in the Community

Morning Breakout

Afternoon Breakout

Think Outside the Box

Morning Breakout

Afternoon Breakout

  • Fishbowl – Breaking the Status Quo (Julie Schellenberg, Sheri Fielding, Vincent Agyapong, Justin Yeung)

Indigenous Peoples in Alberta

Morning Breakout

  • Ethical Space – Reg Crowshoe

Afternoon Breakout

  • Indigenous Truths – Demystifying Common Societal Misconceptions of Indigenous Peoples

Quality & Safety Improvement

Morning Breakout

Successful Quality Improvement Rapid Fire Presentations

Afternoon Breakout

Transformation Through Innovation Rapid Fire Presentations

The Art of Transformation

Morning Breakout

Afternoon Breakout

Through the Patient and Family Lens

Morning Breakout

Afternoon Breakout

  • Partnering with Patients and Families in Care (Ryan Frank) – slides were not used

Innovation in Action (Keynote)

Mitchell Kutney: Slides | Recording


Braun, Brad Dorohoy, Phil Bobawsky, Sandi Oelhaupl, Sherri Di Lallo, Jodi Ploquin: Recording

CPSI Top Poster Winners

Announced by: Verna Yiu, Francois Belanger, Chris Power, Garry Laxdal

Conference Closing

Verna Yiu


Transformation Through Innovation

  1. Competence By Design: The New Face of Resident Physician Education
  2. SQuID FM: Family Medicine Strategic Quality and Informatics Dashboard
  3. A Quality Improvement Project to Improve Clinical Materials Management
  4. Playing Nice in the Sandbox: A Provincial EMS/Midwifery Collaboration Project
  5. Collaborative Care in Action within Mental Health
  6. Improving Communication and Quality of Care using the eRAPID Rounds application during daily RAPID Rounds
  7. Improving Nutrition Care in Hospitalized Patients
  8. The Seniors' Centre Without Walls: Creating Connections through Conference Calls
  9. Putting out the Fire Before it Starts - Proactive Fall Prevention
  10. Hospitalist Opioid Action Plan Phase 1: Reducing Harm for Patients with High Risk
  11. Achieving Pharmacy Compliance with Regulatory Standards for Medication Sterile Compounding
  12. Innovative Strategies for Improving Diabetes Foot Care
  13. INSPIRED COPD Collaborative-Transcendent Care of Complex Populations
  14. The 'Calgary Carport' as an Innovative Solution for Risk Mitigation to Prevent Aerosolization of Mycobacterium chimaera from Heater Cooler Units in Cardiac Operating Rooms
  15. Normothermia Management as a Component of a Surgical Site Infection Prevention Bundle at Rockyview General Hospital
  16. Direct Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty Surgery - Changing How We Provide Care and Improve Capacity
  17. Rockyview General Hospital Patient & Family Centered Care Committee -  Building a Patient Advisory Team from the Ground Up
  18. Reaching New Heights: The Glenrose Healthcare Improvement Team
  19. Healthcare Outcome Data Utilization: From the Boardroom to the Bedside
  20. Priority Setting in Developing Strategic Clinical Network™ Transformational Road Maps: A Catalyst for Quality Improvement
  21. Robotic Walking: Transforming how new Technology is Effectively Integrated into Rehabilitation
  22. How We Became More Evidence-Based in a Busy Clinical Environment (at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital)
  23. AHS ID Program - Improving Client Access to Much-Needed Services
  24. Emergency Department Real-Time Readmission Alert and Practice Reflection
  25. FOCUS - ED Fostering open conversations that unleash solutions - emergency department
  26. Chronic Pain 35 at the Stollery Children's Hospital: A Unique High School Credit Course for Teens with Chronic Pain
  27. Improving cancer surveillance for breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer survivors: Knowledge synthesis and actionable recommendations for BETTER WISE
  28. Innovative Partnerships and Collaborative Practice: Improving Supportive Care Access for Oncology Patients Authors and Affiliations
  29. Family Physicians and CancerControl: Strengthening Linkages Workshop
  30. PFG: Upstream Dialogues for Healthcare Transformation
  31. Improving Bladder Cancer Care in Alberta by Understanding the Patient Experience
  32. South Health Campus Steps up to Say Sorry Really, Really Well: creation of a virtual lifeline to support early disclosure conversations
  33. What do you think about Patient First? Using co-design events with patients to pick better ways to become person centered in AHS
  34. Creating a Healthcare Partnership: The PFG Journey
  35. Overcoming Implementation Challenges through Innovation of Implementation Support
  36. Quality Improvement Through the use of Key Performance Indicators: What is Meaningful to Patients/Families?
  37. Translating Patient/Family Experience Data as Benchmarks for Pre-Post Patient Quality Care Improvement Interventions: A Demonstration Pilot within Alberta Health Services
  38. Push vs. Pull: Using Alberta Children's Hospital (ACH) Data to Drive Innovation to Improve Access and Quality of Ambulatory Services for Patients and Families
  39. Using Art as a Method for Collecting Patient and Family Centered Care Feedback from Patients at Alberta Children’s Hospital
  40. A superhero that advances Alberta Health Services Values by creating moments of joy and recognition at work

Successful Quality Improvement

  1. We Prefer DeCath: Optimization of Foley Catheter Utilization at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital
  2. Improving Appropriate Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis in Medical Inpatients Using a Multidisciplinary Approach and Technology
  3. Clocking The Beat – Optimizing Telemetry on the Cardiac Unit of a Regional Hospital
  4. Saving Blood For Critical Need: One Unit at a Time
  5. Fewer Blood Transfusions - Reducing Risks and Costs
  6. Amputation Prevention in Hemodialysis Patients: Improving Quality of Care Pathways
  7. $672,000/year Cost Avoidance. 1,100 Bed Days Annual Savings: PICC Process Improvement
  8. Process Improvement Exercise: Urinary Tract Infections in Renal Transplant Patients
  9. University of Alberta Hospital - 'Ensuring Appropriate Laboratory Ordering'
  10. An Evaluation of an Initiative to Eliminate Washable Underpad Use at CapitalCare
  11. Reducing pre-endoscopy pantoprazole infusions in GI bleed patients by optimizing ED Order Sets
  12. Leader Rounds at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital:  'Our Patients Have the Answers'
  13. A Person-Centered Approach to Improving Systemic Treatment Patient Education
  14. The Spaces Between
  15. Time to Start Asking: Seeking patient and family feedback when implementing an electronic medical record
  16. Reducing Door-to-Needle Times Across Alberta to 36 Minutes
  17. Sturgeon Community Hospital (SCH) – Emergency Department General Internal Medicine (GIM) Physician Consultation and Triage Process
  18. Improving Transitions of Care: Edmonton Southside PCN journey
  19. Improved Patient Flow and Reduced Patient Backlog in the SCOPE Program
  20. GO-BRCA: Integrated Hereditary Ovarian Cancer Pilot
  21. Improving Timely Patient Encounters and Saving Staff Stress:  A Rapid Improvement in breast cancer treatment
  22. How to cut Referral Response Times by 92%
  23. Development and Application of a Surgical Site Infection Prevention Bundle for Cerebrospinal Fluid Shunt Insertions and Revisions
  24. Impact of Quality Improvement Initiative on Post-Surgical Outcomes: A National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (NSQIP) Evaluation Study, Alberta
  25. Consideration for Implementing a Successful OR-ICU Handover Project in a large Trauma Centre
  26. Breaking the Stigma: Conversations about Advanced Care Planning
  27. A Quality Improvement Project to Improve Capacity to Support Palliative/End of Life Clients at Home
  28. Elder Friendly Acute Care and Emergency Room
  29. Empowering Patient Autonomy in Osteoporosis Management: The Self-Consult Program
  30. Advancing Collaborative Care and Improving Patient Care through Care Hubs; Seeing the seeds of change take root
  31. Advance Care Planning (ACP) - Bringing conversations that matter to the forefront: A Team Process improvement Approach
  32. Nurse-Led Group Education Clinics for Routine Gastrointestinal Conditions in primary care
  33. The AHS Research Challenge: Empowering Care Providers to Conduct Research
  34. Collaborating to Make Meals Matter Using Mealtime Strategies
  35. A Quality Improvement Project to Optimize Asthma Care for Pediatric Patients at the Alberta Children's Hospital
  36. A Quality Improvement Project in Diagnostic Imaging to Improve Rebooking Workflow and Minimize Rework
  37. eCLINICIAN Implementation Assessment Evaluation: Pre, Post, and Follow-up Results
  38. A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Medication Order Turn-Around-Time in a Hospital Pharmacy
  39. Enhancing Patient Safety: An Inpatient Psychiatry Project
  40. Interaction Design Methodology as an Innovative Tool to Enhance Hand Hygiene: The Intersection of Art and Science